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Date:2013-12-22   Author:CHI Scientific Inc  Source:Marketing
 CHI Scientific Inc., Inc., a private owned biotech company based in Massachusetts to offer new handbook of primary cell culture, a practical manual to the laboratory standard.

Maynard, MA --- CHI Scientific Inc., Inc., a private owned biotech company today announced that it will begin to offer its second edition of the handbook of primary cell culture, a practical manual to the laboratory standard. This detailed laboratory handbook features the importance of standardization of primary cell culture, a methodology that allows scientists to grow cells directly from tissue organs of research animal or human to overcome the inconsistency of experiment results derived from today's individualized time-consuming procedures. More over, this reference book includes more than 107 bench-proven laboratory protocols for culturing multiple types of primary cells of human tissues and animal organs with the company's proprietary technology, PrimaCell™ kit, a standard system optimized to be cell-specific and tissue-specific of selected species.

The PrimaCell™ system, which includes all pre-made reagents that are required for tissue preparation that results an optimization of tissue dissociation, isolation, and proliferation of the desired cells can greatly reduce working time from weeks to a few days. More importantly, each system include a proprietary tissue dissociation system, the OptiTDS™ that produces a maximum number of single cells from selected tissue samples; a proprietary contaminated-cell elimination system, the FibrOut™ that inhibits fibroblast overgrowth over the desired cells; and a growth supplement and medium system that ensures optimized growth and proliferation of the desired cells.

CHI Scientific Inc., Inc., is an innovative biotechnology laboratory research tool company which is developing and marketing mid-range and high-end proprietary research products that fundamentally accelerate research and drug discovery worldwide. "CHI Scientific Inc. is a fast-growing life science company that determines to bring cost effective and productive solution to accelerate life science research." says Alfred L Chi, PhD, the company's CEO. "Developing a laboratory handbook that focuses on primary cell culture, is only our first initiative of series developments in the years ahead ", added Dr. Chi, "together with our ongoing scientific development of other branded products, PrimaCell™ will bring significant impact to the primary cell research community".

This book will become available in April, 2013 and first 100 books will be offered in electronic version for free of charge.  For more information about CHI Scientific Inc., Inc, please visit the company's web site at www.chiscientific.com, or send e-mail to info@chiscientific.com.

About CHI Scientific Inc

CHI Scientific, Inc., founded in 2004, is an innovative biotechnology laboratory research tool company. The company is developing and marketing research products accelerate research and drug discovery in an important segment of the worldwide life science lab products market. The company’s products are designed to capture a significant share of the market in which productivity is mission-critical.

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