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OptiTDS™, Tissue dissociation optimization
 Although optimization of cell isolation procedures for a particular cell type is complicated by several factors, some principal guidelines regarding selected tissue types of species are established. The information in this handbook regarding cell isolation and the enzymes used, when combined with logic and suitable experimental design, should lead to the development of a satisfactory cell isolation outcome.  In general there is an area of optimal cell recovery balanced between yield and viability; working near the middle of this range will reduce variability in the results of the cell isolation procedure.

CHI Scientific has invested in R & D efforts to establish the optimum tissue dissociation system, OptiTDS™ for mouse, rat, human and avian tissues.  The OptiTDS™ kits are developed based on the enzyme(s) composition, working concentrations and the buffer or media systems published in the reference(s) in a searchable database.  A detailed description of this kit is shown in Figure 5

Figure 5: Tissue dissociation system - OptiTDS™

Tissue dissociation system, OptiTDS™, is a proprietary mixture of several tissue dissociation enzymes/reagents with appropriate distribution ratios resolved in an optimum buffer, to produce a maximum number of single viable cells. Each tissue dissociation system is customized to be tissue-specific and cell-specific, and proven to work effectively in accordance with the corresponding PrimaCell™ system to bring you the best results for the primary cell type of your choice.


OptiTDS™ Kit Components:

Each OptiTDS™ kit contains 20 ml of tissue dissociation enzyme working solution sufficient for 3-5 g of tissue.
(1) Concentrated tissue dissociation enzymes/reagents (2 x 1.0 ml)
(2) Tissue-specific optimum tissue dissociation digestion buffer system (2 x 9.0 ml).

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