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Founded in 2004, CHI Scientific Inc. is an innovative biotechnology research tool company committed to developing high-quality, cost-effective products and services aimed at fundamentally accelerating primary cell research and drug discovery.

Existing culture methods are time consuming and notoriously susceptible to varying lab conditions and ingredients sensitivity. After more than 8 years of development and research, we launched with the PrimaCell™ Kit, a standardized cell-culture system that is optimized to be cell-specific and tissue-specific for the selected species and tissue.

Each kit includes a patented tissue dissociation system, OptiTDS™, that produces the maximum number of single cells from selected tissue samples, as well as a second proprietary system, FibrOut™, to inhibit fibroblast or unwanted cell overgrowth over the desired cells. The PrimaCell™ Kit also comes with all of the pre-made reagents required for tissue preparation, optimized tissue dissociation, isolation, and proliferation of target cells. Working in tandem, these complimentary systems greatly reduce working time from weeks to a few days, while delivering proven results.

We have since expanded our product offerings and services to address a wide variety of research needs, including peptide products and custom peptide services. Developed by researchers with hands-on laboratory experience, our product catalogue includes all the tools necessary for scientists to overcome the variability of today's individualized time-consuming procedures, bringing life science research to a higher standard.

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