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Brain OptiTDS™

Two aliquots of ready-to-use tissue OptiTDS™; Two aliquots of 1 ml OptiTDS™ reconsitution buffer; Two aliquotes of 10 ml OptiTDS™ digestion buffer; and complete User's Manual.

Kit Component:

Quantity and Quality Control: The system contains sufficient materials for dissociation of 2 separate tissue aliquots of up to 10~50 g each. Each lot is tested for dissociation performance on tissues from Human,  mouse and rat, and provides freshly prepared kits.

Stability/Storage: The reagents contained in this system is stable at the room temperatures for the normal shipping periods, but the package should be stored at -20 °C upon arrival. The reconsitituted OptiTDS™ should be prepared freshly and only stable for 7-10 days at 4 °C. The unused kit is stable and effective up to 6 months at the -20 °C.

Cat No. Description Unit Price Order
4-20221 Brain Dissociation System 1 (Astrocytes, Glial, Cerebral cortices, Germinal matrix, Hippocampi, Neural), Human, Mouse and Rat ea $ 231.70 
4-20222 Brain Dissociation System 2 (Glial, Schwann), Human, Mouse and Rat ea $ 258.98 
4-20223 Brain Dissociation System 3 (Hippocampal neurons),Human, Mouse and Rat ea $ 258.98 
4-20224 Brain Dissociation System 4 (Endothelial, Microvessels), Human, Mouse and Rat ea $ 231.70 
4-20225 Brain Dissociation System 5 (Cerebral cortex),Human, Mouse and Rat ea $ 286.18 
4-20226 Brain Dissociation System 6 (Brain), Fetal Rat ea $ 231.70 
4-20227 Brain Dissociation System 7 (Endothelial), Human, Mouse and Rat ea $ 231.70 
4-20228 Brain Dissociation System 8 (Capillary endothelium, Pericytes), Human, Mouse and Rat ea $ 258.98 
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