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Mouse FibrOut™ 10, for colon, intestines

The Mouse FibrOut™ system 10 is a combination of several biochemical compounds and reagents, which prevent overgrowth of fibroblastic and contaminated cells and increase targeted cells growth during primary cell culture from Mouse tissues of colon, intestines.

Quantity and Quality Control: Each 1 ml of FibrOut™ system contains sufficient materials for making up 500 ml of culture medium. Each lot is tested for inhibition performance of fibroblast growth on tissues from Mouse and Mouse, and provides freshly prepared reagent solutions.

Stability/Storage: The reagents contained in this system is stable at the room temperatures for the normal shipping periods, but the package should be stored at 4-8 oC upon arrival. The reagents is table and effective up to 4 months at the 4-8 oC.

Cat No. Description Unit Price Order
4-20519 Mouse FibrOut™ 10, for colon, intestines 1 ml $ 299.82 
4-20520 Mouse FibrOut™ 10, for colon, intestines 5 x 1 ml $ 1087.58 
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