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ER-α36 Plasmid Constructs

This construct containing human ER--α36 cDNA cloned into a expression vector that is custom made on pc6+ backbone with the cytomagalovirus (CMV) promoter. It has been shown high efficiency of transfection in the following cell lines, HEK 293 cells, MCF-7 cells, MDA-MB 231 cells, MDA-MB-436 cells, and HB3396 cells.

Cloning sites: EcoR I and BamH I.

1. Andersson S, Bishop RW, Russell DW. J Biol Chem. 1989 Sep 25;264(27):16249-55.

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Cat No. Description Unit Price Order
8-80201 pC6B-CMV-hER--α36 Plasmid DNA, ready for transfection 10 μg $ 866.13 
8-80202 pC6B-CMV-hER--α36 Plasmid DNA, ready for transfection 100 μg $ 1066.91 
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