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Peptide Library Services


Peptide library is a collection of systematic combination of different peptides. It is widely used in drug screening, target validation, epitope mapping, vaccine development, and structure-activity studies. At CHI Scientific we use a high throughput technology platform to produce highly targeted and complex libraries at the highest quality. These peptides can either be left attached to the solid resin or cleaved off and further purified depending on your project needs.

Modifications: Wide range modifications list of modifications and price list of peptide modification.
Price: Review the Custom Peptide Library Price List

Dedicated Technical Supports:
Experienced scientists provide one-on-one consultant before and after orders.
Competitive prices: Our peptide library services are the most cost-efficient on the market, starting from $23/peptide.
No Cross-Contamination: peptides are directly lyophilized in selected deliver format (96-well plates or individual test tubes).
Comprehensive Modifications: biotin, flurochromes, and unnatural AA etc.
Scaling from 2.5 µmol to 50 µmol
Quality Control: MS (sequence verification) and HPLC (purity) analysis data
Fast Turnaround Time: typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

Ordering Information
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