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Gene Custom Cell Culter Services

Over the last three decades, cell and tissue culture methods have been refined and have now become an essential tool in biomedical research. The main reason for developing sophisticated tissue culture systems is to allow the study of individual cells under controlled environmental conditions. Today's cell culture systems are based on mechanical and/or enzymatic disaggregation of the tissue to single cells. However, problems such as limited tissue resource (especially for human tissues) and simplified method to culture desired cells are yet to be solved in today's laboratory. Primary cells are quite challenge to obtain for various application of biomedical research. For these reasons, CHI Scientific Inc. is committed to provide research communities with quality fresh primary cells delivered at the door. We offer a wide range of types of primary cells derived from different mouse, rat, monkey, pig, sheep, chicken and human (normal and diseased tissue in pairs) tissues. For additional information regarding this service, please contact our cell culture specialists and customer service representatives at 1-800-986-6008. You may also send us an e-mail to our customer service department at info@chiscientific.com.

Custom Primary Cells(Cat No. 1-81701): Featuring high quality, consistence and viability, our primary cells services have achieved far more credential than other service provider across life science industry. All cells are produced with our proprietary cell culture system, PrimaCell™, which enables cells culture in relative stable micro-environment (material, medium and growth supplements, etc.) to produce highest level of consistence from batches to batches.  Our primary cells also contains minimum amount of unwanted cells with our proprietary system, FibrOut™, removes contaminated cell types.

Cell Based Reagents(Cat No. 1-81702): We offering high quality total RNA, PCR-ready first strand cDNA, proteins subcellular components derived from fine prepared mouse, rat and normal and diseased matchpair™ human primary cells. These high quality primary cell derivatives provide an excellent tool for validating data obtained from cell line-based experiments as well as various biomedical research experiments.  We are the only company provides full service for human matched human primary cells, which the normal and diseased cells from the same donor. These cellular derivatives offer an excellent tool in life sciences research.

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